Power Plant Analytics

Power Plant Analytics (PPA)
SPower Plant Plant Analytics (PPA) is based on a AI anomaly detection engine developed and perfected over 20 years. The heart of the PPA analytic engine is a cascading neural network. The US GOV licensed PPA technology for years looking for a imperfections in a oil and natural gas pipelines.

PPA will find imperfections in power lines and oil and natural gas pipelines before they fail. Able to detect micro fractures in pipelines long before they fail. No need for IR cameras. PPA analyzes heat signature artifacts around objects to detect abnormal high temperatures which usually proceed failures. PPA produces few false positives!

PPA when in training phase auto separates objects in foreground (like trees) from background objects (trees and clouds desert) for superior analytics.  hape your future with Power Plant Analytics

PPA Solutions

Pipeline leak detection
Pipeline imperfections
Pipeline safe zone intrusions
Engineering Construction 
Engineering Maintenance
Regulation Compliance
Asset/Equipment Location Audits

2022.05.14 #01 (drone) Power Plant
PowerAI (build 1349)

Power Plant Footage #01

Note: Videos in these examples were shot with 5k camera. All analytical analysis used this 5k raw footage. This video was downgraded for this presentation.

Y >60% probability imperfection
R >80% probability imperfection
B> 90% probability imperfection with micro fractures

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